Parsons School of Design & Teen Vogue Course, Part I

By Molly | December 10th 2015

Online Course from The Parsons School of Design in Partnership with Teen Vogue.Online Course from The Parsons School of Design in Partnership with Teen Vogue.

Last Fall I took a course on fashion styling (Read my review here!), which gave me a look at the world of professional stylists. I was able to expand my knowledge of fashion and discovered new opportunities to explore the different areas of the fashion industry. Basically, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to learn more!

My interests have grown to include costuming, and my high school has allowed me to create a 60-hour independent study course with the costuming department of the school theatre program. I’ve been able to work on everything from millinery skills to sewing! It’s been challenging, but lots of fun, and I realized that I enjoyed independent coursework, so when I saw that Teen Vogue had partnered with the Parsons School of Design at The New School to create an inaugural online course, I knew I had to apply! The application process included several questions with essay style responses, like “Who inspires you in fashion and in life”, and “what are your passions”?


Exploring all of the courses and networking opportunities on the site!

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when I was accepted! Teen Vogue and The Parsons School of Design are industry leaders in the world of fashion, and both have undeniable knowledge, experience and clout! The 10-week course is broken down into 5 sections;

  • Unlocking Visual Style
  • Thinking Like a Deisgner
  • Understanding Fashion Production
  • Working in Fashion Media
  • Developing Fashion Marketing & PR Skills


Amy Astley, the Editor-In-Chief at Teen Vogue!

Throughout each section I will be working toward creating my professional portfolio and all of my coursework and projects will be reviewed and evaluated by the staff editor’s and instructors at Teen Vogue and Parsons! Some of the instructors include designer, Rebecca Minkoff, and Amy Astley, the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue! I’ll be able to build strong social media and networking skills, and the staff is available 24/7 to provide feedback and support. There are also opportunities for live events through the Parsons/Teen Vogue affiliation. Upon completion of the online course, I will receive an official certificate from The Parsons School, which is recognized across the fashion industry!

I can’t wait to share this experience on my site; I’ll be updating along the way with what I’m learning, what I find challenging and what’s next!